That you should ask before stepping into the operating room

1. Do I have complete trust in the specialists of the clinic who will do my hair transplantation?

The doctor-patient relationship is the basis of a successful outcome. At our clinic, we find it very important that the communication between the doctor and the candidate is based on trust and we believe that you should receive an answer to all of your questions. After several visits to the clinic, personal, long-term contact with the full hair transplantation team is important in order to keep track of your regrowing hair on the bald or thinning spots.

2. Am I getting adequate treatment in the clinic?

During the consultation, it is important that the doctor spends the right amount of time with you to instill confidence in their ability, instead of urging you to make a hasty decision! Almost as important as professional knowledge is that all the attention should be centered on you and your personal needs! It is about your hair andyour idea…we just outline the possible solutions, so you can make the decision, of course, with our professional help! Be cautious of clinics that do not provide a consultation with a doctor and quote an excessively low price or short timeframe, urging you to book an early surgery. Beware of clinics where you cannot spend enough time with the specialist during the consultation! The main part of the consultation and surgical planning can only be done with a specialist!

3. What happens, if…?

Even the most thought-out plans can fail, and life provides proof of this. Does the clinic have a suitable alternative in case the baldness continues due to known or unknown reasons? Accurate diagnosis before the intervention and developing the most accurate plan possible is important, since if the baldness continues, the areas that start thinning later may also require additional hair transplantation. At our clinic, we measure the effect of further balding and keep you fully informed, so you can safely begin to enjoy your new haircut! Critical examination at the clinic is important, as is being accurately informed!

4. What are patients saying?

The opinions of the clinic’s actual patients is really important, as it is more credible than the clinic’s own advertisements. If they have a guestbook, ask for it during the consultation! If the clinic’s patients speak publicly, there is a chance to get answers to your questions. There are numerous blogs that discuss if the patient would go through the process again, whether the surgery was painful or not, why did the patient choose that particular clinic, and did the hair Transplantation have a natural result?

5. The doctor went to a medical university, but can they design aesthetically?

Hair Transplantation has a result that follows us throughout our lives. Changing the result is a costly and often complicated task. Therefore, we believe that a badly conducted hair Transplantation is worse than not touching your hair at all. The specialist conducting the surgery needs to completely adjust to the properties of that particular skin and hair so that he can, at an almost artistic level, recreate what nature has already done and guarantee that the result will look fully natural. Hair color, hair thickness, follicle size (medical precision), general skin condition, the patient’s lifestyle, age, gender, etc. are all important. So, it becomes clear that the specialist can only achieve the perfect result by considering all these factors. This is why it is important to work with a professional who sees and knows your hair type!

6. What kind of qualifications does the team have and for how long have they been performing hair transplantation surgeries?

We are convinced that the best results come from entrusting a team of doctors who are 100% aware of the hair’s physiology and vulnerability and are able to answer all of your questions. It is important that the clinic’s team is up to date and has such professional experience and background that it gained from foreign partners and international hair transplant specialists, wherever they are in the world. Approval of the specialists at our clinic is certified by Dr. James Harris, senior physician at HSC-Colorado, USA, who is one of the world’s best specialists in hair transplants.

7. What certificates does the clinic have?

What certificates does the leading specialist have and what actual results can they show? Do they have the necessary qualifications to perform FUE surgery and are they part of communities?

8. Does the health facility have adequate safety equipment?

As with all surgical procedures, hair Transplantations also carry potential hazards. These are very rare, but there can be sudden complications. Uniquely in Hungary, our clinic has fully capable emergency care besides plastic surgeons to ensure the safest hair restoration surgery! You are insured throughout the surgery as the clinic must have its own health insurance.