Beard transplantation

What can those do who weren’t blessed by nature with unified facial hair or a thick beard?

At present, growing facial hair is having its renaissance and barber services are appearing at more and more hairdressers once again. A thick, beautifully trimmed beard and mustache is very fashionable among men and some communities (hipsters, lumbersexuals) even treat it as a fetish.

Currently, beard Transplantation is the only solution that makes it possible for a man with a baby face to grow a rich beard. Incomplete facial hair can’t be an obstacle either, so what wasn’t given genetically can be remedied with a beard Transplantation.

The principle and technology are the same as for hair Transplantation: as a donor, we use the hair extracted from the patient’s nape, except when we correct minor facial hair deficiencies, then hair from under the chin can provide enough hairs.


Planning a beard Transplantation

In the case of incomplete facial hair

Incomplete beard may have several causes: stress, medicine, dental inflammation, but it can be traced back to simple genetic causes as well. Of course, it is important to clarify these, only then we can get into planning the beard Transplantation. In the case of smaller, coin-sized patches, most people have a sufficient amount of hair under the chin. By using hair from the neck area we can guarantee that the patches will have the same quality of hair than the surrounding beard.

Replacing a larger area of facial hair
Building an entire facial hair or patching larger deficiencies on the face is done with hairs extracted from the nape. We use the same Safe System FUE extraction method as on the hair, ensuring optimal results. It is important to note that the hairs extracted from hair will take on the characteristics of facial hair, so it will look natural even after Transplanting a larger area with hair.

Process of beard Transplantation

Depending on whether we are filling a smaller deficiency or planning a full beard, after choosing the appropriate donor site, we cut the facial hair/hair to the desired length, followed by local anesthesia. Then, we extract the suitable grafts by using the same method as for the method during hair Transplantation, then we Transplant them onto the desired area.

How much hair is needed for a beard Transplantation?

  • To fill minor deficiencies, even only 200 grafts are sufficient from under the beard, which in this case means the same amount of hairs, as with beard Transplantation, 1 graft contains 1 hair on average. The correct number, however, can be determined by measurement.
  • 200 grafts per side of sideburns may also be enough, if made from hair, it’s 200-200 hairs.
  • Transplanting two symmetrical, larger areas per cheek may need a higher amount (300-500 grafts). In this case, the hair that can be extracted from under the chin is not enough, so we extract the maximum that can be extracted, then we mix these with extracted hairs and Transplant these onto the cheeks.
  • Building an entire beard is made largely from hair, this can mean 3000 hairs depending on the size of the cheeks and the desired beard line.
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