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Most efficient technology, most precise devices – Trivellini Mamba Nano Long Hair

Trivellini Mamba Nano Long Hair is one of the world’s most innovative devices that brings such freedom during surgeries that no methods have brought before. Our clinic’s doctors are among the few surgeons in the world that currently provide patients with this revolutionary technology. Thanks to Dr. Roberto Trivellini, we are the third in the world to own the new-generation FUE device.

Accurate surgical logistics, medical precision.

After entrusting us and visiting our clinic, you can be confident that we will assess all aesthetic and physically relevant factors to make the right type of intervention for your skin, with the least amount of stress and the most beautiful results.

Proper planning is essential; this is especially true when, using an old Hungarian saying, you “take your skin to the fair!”. Therefore, uniquely at our clinic, according to the HairHungary Diagnostic Protocol, upon request, we also perform 3D hair examinations during the personal consultation.

This means that besides the general medical history, hair and skin examinations, our doctors are reconstructing your previous condition with the help of visual documentation and a 2d diagram, with which the medical team can be fully prepared of your conditions and needs for the day of surgery.

After the preliminary examination but before the operation, we perform an exact adjustment of our devices, because although it sounds good, the assumption that the hairs of a given person are usually about the same size is entirely false.

This may also be different for a patient in different parts of the hair, so the plastic surgeon must constantly change the size of the tool that is used to take out and insert the hairs!

All of this is made possible by one of the most modern pieces of operating room equipment in Europe, that is available at our clinic.

Art and the new generation FUE2 technique

“Art always serves beauty, and beauty is the joy of possessing form” Boris Leonidovich Pasternak

Hair transplantation is more than just simple craftsmanship and planning because it is microsurgery!

Each patient’s hair is different, so the success of the intervention is based on whether the doctor can understand/see the patient’s needs and desires correctly. Not only do they need to be adequately trained surgeons, but also need to have a proper artistic vein to create real, natural results.

One of the main features of HairHungary hair Transplantation clinic is working with hair transplants on an artistic level and using this appropriately. Even though there are no two identical hair transplant procedures, we always achieve a natural and long-lasting result! During the procedures, our goal is to find the right path and follow the natural way of the hairlines.

The design protocol of Hair Aesthetic Clinic HairHungary:

Thanks to HairHungary’s protocol, we reach a wonderful result every time in the design of the hairline and aesthetic hair structure. The hairline and the hair structure are usually the highlights of hair aesthetics; in bad cases, it is what hinders its appearance. Therefore, we must focus on several important points during the planning phase.

The final goal is to create the perfect balance of hair density and proper hair distribution. When we reach perfect balance (harmony), we achieve a condition where the hair is in perfect union with the face and the forehead.

According to our clinic’s protocol:

Grafts are never inserted into the skin in just one direction, we specify the hair’s tilt individually, apart from the general direction of growth, therefore reconstructing the disorder inside the seemingly perfect structure. At the same time, we pay special attention to ensure that hair goes into the skin deep enough, and we also provide the right hair density for that particular area of the skin.

By the appropriate hair direction, we can reach a higher density with a relatively lower amount of hairs, without taking out more hairs from you. This is how we create a fully natural effect.

Hair Aesthetic Clinic HairHungary density protocol:

The microsurgical device that we use at our clinic makes it possible to create a much higher density than with traditional inserting techniques. We can insert more than 100-140 hairs onto one cm2 without all the strain on your skin! You can request more information about the device from our doctors!

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