Hair transplantation prices

Hair transplantation prices at the HairHungary Clinic

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Prior consultation with specialist: 10.000 HUF. The consultation fee is later discounted from the treatment’s price!


  • Medical history: inspection, physical examination, hair-camera evaluation.
  • Treatment plan, continuous controlled check-up.
  • Complex future hair diagnostics (complete trichological examination – complete regional trichological examination)

Price of Trivellini FUE hair transplant:
From 520 HUF / graft

Price of SAFE-System FUE hair transplant:
From 500 HUF / graft

+ Free stem cell based I-PRF treatment worth 95.000 HUF after any Safe-System and Trivellini hair transplant!

Trivellini FUE Mamba

  • From 1000 grafts to 1400 grafts 565 HUF / graft
  • From 1500 grafts to 1700 grafts 550 HUF / graft
  • From 1800 grafts to 2200 grafts 530 HUF / graft
  • Over 2300 grafts 520 HUF / graft

Graft amount samples


  • From 1000 grafts to 1400 grafts 550 HUF / graft
  • From 1500 grafts to 1700 grafts 535 HUF / graft
  • From 1800 grafts to 2200 grafts 515 HUF / graft
  • Over 2300 grafts 500 HUF / graft

Donor area status after hair transplantation

Extra charges:

> Hair transplant to long hair: +10%
> Body Hair Transplant: +50%

* Our discounted prices can not be combined with other promotions, and are only available in a limited number!
** For more information about why we reccomend the I-PRF stem cell treatment as complementary, please visit our subsite about the I-PRF therapy!

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The prices of hair transplantation include:

  • The whole cost of hair transplantation
  • The price of the first consultation
  • The price of 15.000 HUF blood test before the surgery
  • A whole 95 000 HUF worth I-PRF regenerative therapy treatment
  • The 30.000 HUF worthy ATP fluid, which can increase growth rate by 10-15%
  • Full service during the surgery, Wi-Fi
  • Free check-ups in the following 12 months after the surgery
  • Post-op package: medicines, neck pillow, pillowcase, with post-implant solutino dispenser

*The prices are provided for information purposes only, they do not constitute a bid or offer.

The best price for hair transplant does not depend on the „cheap” or the „expensive” treatment, but on the amount of surviving grafts. This determines the success of hair transplantation and whether the surgery is worth the price.

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