At our clinic, we are trying to meet your needs as much as possible.

With each hair Transplantation, we strive to achieve the very best, as quality is our main priority.

Our staff will be happy to assist you with anything from the first moment. Consultations at our clinic are only done by specialists, so feel free to ask your questions! You can get your new hair in a family atmosphere, where you are always in the center.

Consultation and diagnosis

We always pay appropriate attention to adequate diagnosis. We take every aspect into consideration, because at our clinic, the applicant is not just a patient, they are the patient. We are convinced that only this philosophy will result in total, mutual satisfaction. In our experience, the approach we use produces a 100% satisfaction rate. Our grateful patients convince us every day that we are on the right track and that is why they recommend Hair Aesthetic Clinic HairHungary to their friends and acquaintances.

Hair transplantation consultation:

The hair Transplantation procedure is always preceded by a thorough examination. First, we examine the cause, extent and pace of hair loss – excluding any reversible cause. Then we assess the donor site, the anatomic properties; including skin characteristics and hair thickness. Examining multiple areas of the scalp gives the most accurate image possible for reaching the perfect aesthetic result. We learn about the patient’s history and clarify their expectations before we introduce them to the procedure.

Taking into account the needs and possibilities, we design the exact plan for the procedure, along with the patient, and describe it all in great detail to them.

Of course, we are also happy to answer any questions at any time. For example, if the patient wants to regain a specific, pre-existing hair characteristic – such as a hair whorl or a unique angle -, we will find a solution.

It may help a lot if you bring some photos with you where your former hair can be clearly seen.

3D hair diagnostics and examination:

If it is needed, we examine the patient’s hair with a hair densitometer to determine the degree of miniaturization, the atrophy of hair follicles. Then we examine the condition of a few hairs and the health of the scalp with a special camera, using microscopic pictures. Based on this evaluation, we prepare a personalized treatment plan. We avoid unnecessary strain on the scalp and only do targeted tests that are relevant to the diagnosis.

Hair transplantation conditions at Hair Aesthetic Clinic HairHungary

You will be the center of attention. We make sure you are comfortable. . You can get up, move, rest, sleep and even eat during a longer break, we take care of all these, even in the case of a special diet. You can bring your favorite book, song, movie, you can use your computer, make calls or deal with your administrative duties. We provide the necessary equipment and free internet access. The procedure is carried out using local anesthetics. Therefore, we do everything to make you feel comfortable.

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