Hair Transplantation (hair transplantation, hair restoration) means the redistribution of hair follicles. During the procedure, we remove hair follicles that are insensitive to the balding process and insert it into the receiving area.

The aim of the procedure is to Transplant the hair correctly, both technically and aesthetically, to reach the best result, that is high survival and growth rate besides looking natural.

The number of follicles to be transplanted varies from person to person, with limited reserves. It is important to rationally use the patient’s donor site and only remove the necessary amount of hair follicles, so a sufficient reserve remains for possible future hair Transplantation in the event that the thinning of the original, non-Transplanted area progresses.

The Trivellni Mamba Nano Long Hair system is Dr. Roberto Trivellini’s patented hair removal method, which we were among the first to introduce in Europe. In Hungary, we use the method as a partner of Dr. Roberto Trivellini for the least possible trauma and the most accurate results. There are several important innovations at our clinic that are not used anywhere else.

The procedure is always preceded by a thorough medical consultation where we assess your needs and explore your possibilities so that the procedure will have the most natural and optimal aesthetic outcome.
We store the extracted hair follicles in a special (liposomal ATP) fluid, which helps us reach earlier hair growth and a 10-15% increase in hair growth rate than without using this storage fluid.
With state-of-the-art medical technology, we transplant active hair follicles which are insensitive to hormonal changes from the nape to less dense areas, therefore these will not die over time.
Cellular regeneration technologies are effective in both post-operative recoveries and in the reactivation of own non-transplanted hair follicles, which is why PRP therapy is a part of the surgical protocol.
Before hair Transplantation
1 week after surgery
1 month after surgery
3 months after surgery
6 months after surgery
9 months after surgery
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