I-PRF therapy

I-PRF therapy for the treatment of hair loss

The I-PRF therapy (old expression PRF therapy) developed version of PRP therapy can be used with a high efficiency rate both in male and female hair loss. In most cases, the treatment has been shown to successfully stop hair loss. Besides this, significant results can be expected in strengthening the hairs and also in the reactivation of dormant hair follicles. Combined with hair transplantation, it can affect not only on the already existing hairs, but it also makes a major contribution to the regeneration process of recently transplanted grafts.

With the help of the IPRF therapy, the new hairs, transplanted from grafts can regenerate faster and healthier. The PRF is rich in fibrin and platelets while at the same time it is also free from heparin and all sorts of other additives.

The PRF’s fibrin contains growth factors such as PDFG, TGFb, IGF, VEGF. It also contributes to the healing of the surface’s soft tissues as well as the regeneration of bone tissues, resulting in good neo-angiogenesis and a faster wound healing. Its further advantage is that it induces a gradual release of growth factor caused by the presence of the fibrin, in contrast with the previously used PRP therapy.

i-prf terápia Dr. Sas György

The I-PRF therapy was developed by Dr. Joseph Choukroun back in 2001, since then, the method has since continued to spread as a part of surgical procedures. The essence of the I-PRF method is that plasma is extracted from the patient’s blood that when delivered to the area of the procedure, supports the healing of wounds, the regeneration process of tissues and what is more it can also be used as a bone replacement procedure.

Advantages of the I-PRF therapy

  • It is 100% biocompatible, so it is safe and risk free (it contains its own tissues), thanks to which the body regenerates and rebuilds itself from its own cells and also, without any kind of foreign matter.
  • It has strongly bacteriostatic features, so it provides protection against bacteria and viruses. This way, the unwanted inflammation, wound infections and any accompanying unpleasant syndrome can be easily prevented. As a result, the regeneration is fast and also free of complications.
  • It can be prepared easily and quickly at the same time as the surgery is performed, so the regeneration of the treated area can begin immediately.
  • It accelerates the tissues’ regeneration and the wounds’ healing process
  • It promotes the healing of surface and bone tissues, and by causing a more rapid healing it also protects these healing processes.
  • It forms a matrix that adds shape to the form of the final tissue. The small blood vessels then start developing in these, after which they begin to form the final tissue. It helps the body’s self regeneration.
  • It has an analgesic effect and the pain almost entirely disappears after the first day.
  • After the procedure, taking antibiotics is not necessary, as the platelet plug is rich in white blood cells, so it reduces the risk of infections.
  • The platelet plug keeps the wound moist, and promotes the formation of blood vessels (angiogenesis) which is essential for the proper healing of wounds and for ossification also.
  • This procedure can also be performed on patients who are taking blood thinners, but in these cases the platelet plug may develop a few minutes later.
i-prf kezelés Dr. Sas György

The progress of the I-PRF procedure

As the first step of the procedure, blood is taken from the patients, this venous blood is then centrifuged without the addition of anticoagulants. In the separated plasma several constituents, which are important for the wound healing process, are condensing simultaneously. Among other things, these include fibrin fibers, platelets, leukocytes and various kinds of cytokines. The blood sample is centrifuged once with the help of a special device, without any complementary modifications and without the addition of anticoagulants, bovine thrombin, sodium nitrate or calcium chloride.

At the end of centrifugation three fractions can be distinguished:
– a lower layer, containing red blood cells,
– a surface layer, which contains the platelet poor plasma fraction,
– a middle fraction, containing the platelet rich fibrin (PRF) clot, which is then clinically used in the form of a membrane.

Fibrin fibers are proteins that play an important role in the blood clotting process by supporting the wounds to close with their fibers and also helping the faster wound healing. Platelets and leukocytes are then embedded into this fibrin network, this way forming a protective layer in the wound, in addition they may remain active and perform their function longer.


After hair transplantation, the I-PRF treatment is FREE for all our patients. The price of independent therapy is a total of 300 EUR.

Which includes all the costs associated with the procedure, so no other costs occur. Package price: in the case of prepayment for a series of 4 I-PRF treatments, the price is a total of 950 EUR.

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