Our prices are only indicative! We can give you a precise price during a free hair Transplantation consultation after we have assessed your needs and opportunities.


* The average (m.o.) hair follicles in each hair follicle unit is 2.2-2.5.


> Transplantation into long hair: +10%
> Beard replacement, beard Transplantation: +20%
> Body Hair Transplant: +50%

* For more information about PRP treatment and why we recommend additional treatment for hair transplantation, please visit our PRP sub-page.

The prices include:

  • the total cost of the surgery
  • 330 EUR worth PRP treatment
  • 100 EUR worth ATP storage fluid, which increases the growth rate by 10-15%
  • full care during surgery, Wi-Fi
  • free control tests during the 12 months after surgery
  • post-op package: medicine, neck pillow, pillow cover, post-transplantation solution with dispenser
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