Regenerative therapy prices

Regenerative therapy prices at Hairhungary Clinic


Prior consultation with specialist: 10.000 HUF. The consultation fee is later discounted from the treatment’s price!


  • Medical history: inspection, physical examination, hair-camera evaluation.
  • Treatment plan, continuous controlled check-up.
  • Complex future hair diagnostics (complete trichological examination – complete regional trichological examination)

Free stem cell based I-PRF treatment worth 95.000 HUF after any Safe-System and Trivellini hair transplant!

Uniquely in Hungary, we have put together a package that aims to cover all the implications of hair transplantation, so the result can be shown as efficiently and quickly as possible. With I-PRF therapy, new hairs can regenerate faster and healthier from transplanted grafts. You can also view our hair implant pricing by clicking on the words hair implant prices!

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Rigenera Activa

395 000 HUF

4 times I-PRF

 300 000 HUF

1 time I-PRF

95 000 HUF

10 times Dermapen

160 000 HUF

1 Dermapen

20 000 HUF

4 times I-PRF + 10 Dermapen

400 000 HUF

1 I-PRF + 1 Dermapen

105 000 HUF

Dermapen + Mesotherapy

30 000 HUF


Why choose Rigenera Activa therapy?

  • Because it stops hair loss through the natural regeneration process of cells.
  • It does not contain any foreign matter.
  • There is no risk of infection.
  • It immediately begins to have its beneficial effect.
  • We can reach long-term results by applying it.
  • It can reverse the aging process of hairs.
  • It is currently a unique procedure worldwide, as there are no other similarly hair-specific, authorised and safe procedures in practice within the borders of the European Union.

Why choose I-PRF stem-cell therapy?

  • It has strong bacteriostatic properties, provides protection against bacteria and viruses. This prevents unwanted inflammation, wound infection and the unpleasant syndrome that accompanies them. As a result, regeneration is fast and trouble-free.
  • It can be prepared easily and quickly at the same time as the surgery, so regeneration can start immediately on the treated surface.
  • Accelerates tissue regeneration and wound healing.
  • It promotes the healing of surface tissues and bone tissue and protects the healing process by causing faster healing.
  • It forms a matrix that adds a direction to the shape of the final fabric. The small blood vessels infiltrate these and begin the final tissue formation. It promotes the self-regeneration of the body.
  • It has an analgesic effect, the pain disappears completely after the first day.
  • After the procedure, antibiotic administration is not necessary, as the fibrous plug rich in white blood cells reduces the risk of infection.
  • The fibrous plug keeps the wound moist and promotes the formation of blood vessels (angiogenesis), which is very important for good wound healing and ossification.
  • The procedure can be used in patients taking Blood Diluent, but the fibrous plug develops a few minutes slower.

Why choose Dermapen + Mezoterápia therapy?

  • The difference in the durability of the hair can be noticed even after the first treatments.
  • The treatment series is not time consuming, one treatment takes between 20-30 minutes.
  • Mesotherapy cocktails help make up for a lack of vitamins and other minerals. Read more about cocktails here!

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