Regenerative therapies

Regenerative medicine plays an increasingly important role in the treatment of baldness. Hair Aesthetic Clinic provides its patients with therapies based on the latest research.

What are regenerative therapies?

Regenerative therapies use the body’s self-healing ability to regenerate tissues at the cellular level. The therapies we use are performed free of foreign substances, with the patients’ own cells.

Regenerative medicine is not another miracle therapy. We utilize the self-healing and regenerative capacity of the body with progenitor/stem cells, extracellular matrix and growth factors.

The the main purpose of therapies is to try and repair damaged follicles by encouraging their natural rebirth. In many cases, treatment effectively aids in reversing the process of miniaturization of the hair follicles, thereby helping the follicles create healthy hairs.

Thanks to the new technologies, baldness can often be delayed for many years, and regenerative therapies make it possible for the active follicles to produce healthy and thick hair.

Perhaps a not so well-known fact is that baldness does not always mean the death of hair follicles. The follicles die only in very long-term baldness.

With a modern therapeutic approach, hair regeneration and re-growth can be promoted in many cases, while the follicle that produces them is still active (not atrophic).

Since the response to regenerative treatments varies from person to person, the available results can’t be quantified or predicted in advance, and the degree of efficiency may vary from patient to patient.

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