Rigenera Activa
The treatment for male baldness

For the treatment of early-stage balding, our clinic uses the Rigenera Activa therapy, a procedure developed specifically for the treatment of androgenic alopecia, which mainly affects men. Baldness among men usually begins in the two front-side “triangles” and follows a characteristic pattern. Over the time the hairline recedes and then formes a typical „M” shape. The therapy can be used alone, or as a complementary therapy for hair transplantation.

The working principle of the Rigenera method allows the doctor to isolate and then concentrate the living capillaries and cell matrix extracted from hair follicles. Moreover, the Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF), from any solid tissues which is able to regenerate the weakening hairs all naturally and safely. With the help of the Riginera Activa procedure, more than 4000 patients have been successfully treated worldwide. In more than two years, after the procedure’s invention and registration in 2015, the treatment protocol has been also improved with great success.

kopaszodás kezelése rigenera terápia

Why is the Rigenera therapy the most effective in treating baldness?

  • Because it stops hair loss through the natural regeneration process of cells.
  • It does not contain any foreign matter.
  • There is no risk of infection
  • It immediately begins to have its beneficial effect.
  • We can reach long-term results by applying it.
  • It can reverse the aging process of hairs.
  • Currently it is a unique procedure worldwide, as there are no other similarly hair-specific, authorised and safe procedures in practice within the borders of the European Union.

kopaszodás kezelése rigenera terápia

How is balding treated with the Rigenera therapy?

The Rigenera Activa therapy has three steps, which can be performed in our clinic in just 30-45 minutes.

1. step: we apply local anesthesia on the nape area behind the ears, on an approximately 1,5-2 cm2 surface (where the healthy hair follicles and cells are). By the help of a 2,5 mm biopsy needle we extract 3 skin specimens.The sampling is absolutely painless.

2. step: the collected samples are then being subjected to mechanical preparation after they are filtered, to separate the progenitor cells, the undifferentiated cells and the growth factor-cytokine cocktail, each of which has the ability to regenerate.

3. step: the solution is then returned with fine needles, to the scalp’s area where the specific hair regenerating treatment is required. The growth process is started by a single treatment, by which we stimulate the formation of new skin vessels, so that the hair follicles’ regeneration process begins.

When are the results expected?

The Rigenera Activa is a regeneration therapy, therefore the answer is less accurate than in the case of a hair transplantation. The results’ development depends on the patient’s own biology: the dynamics of hair loss, the extension of the area involved, age and genetic factors may also have an effect on the thinned area’s regeneration, the thinning hairs’ strengthening and the hairs’ regrowth.

Microscopic examinations can usually detect the appearance of miniaturised hairs within just a month. Usually from the sixth month a strong improvement can be experienced in the hair’s quality, thickness and density.

The treatment helps to restore the normal physiological cycle of hair follicle units. As a first sign, the slowdown of hair loss can be expected, followed by the improvement of density and thickness of the hair. New hair growth can be observed in the second phase of regeneration, which means in the following 6 months.

The Rigenera Activa therapy’s price

In addition to each RIGENERA HBW Activa therapy, we give away 2 I-PRF treatments also, for a total worth of 600 EUR!

The price of the RIGENERA HBW Activa procedure is 1200 EUR, in which all the costs related to the procedure during the treatment of baldness are included, so no other costs occur. It is recommended to repeat the therapy every 1-3 years.

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