The device dreamed by Dr. Roberto Trivellini is a revolutionary device in the area of FUE hair Transplantation, that combines breakthroughs in technology in recent years and material use. It is compact and lightweight, but still has a range of features that provide unprecedented surgical freedom. The MAMBA device has individually adjustable rotation functions, oscillation, mechanical vibration and vacuum that provides a unique and unmatched graft extraction quality.

Trivellini FUE hajbeültetés

How is Trivellini Mamba different than Safe System?

Safe System, developed by Dr. James Harris, was used by our clinic, first in Central Europe, and it was designed to replace the manual FUE procedure. Safe System is a hair removal device that helps safely extract hair and has been considered a pioneer for 8-9 years. Clinics still use it to this date, but its disadvantages are that it cannot be calibrated and it is relatively slow to in obtaining grafts.

Dr. Roberto Trivellini has considered and eliminated all aspects that are the disadvantages of the current FUE devices, so Safe System devices, too. After 7-8 years of continuous development and testing, he finally created Mamba, which is unparalleled in calibration, in use and in reducing the surgical trauma of the extracted grafts.

Within Mamba’s system, we can adjust the device with meticulous detail to a patient’s individual details, leading to increased speed, precision and minimized surgical trauma.
Trivellini FUE hajbeültetés


It has a level of calibration that allows us to adjust to each patient’s attributes, so we can perform the most optimal hair removal as fast as possible, be it on the scalp, beard or any part of the body.


The device records every single extracted graft, so you can be sure that the right amount of hair gets extracted.


The automatic function of Mamba Smart React recognizes the drill as it touches the scalp and automatically starts extracting the hair without the use of a pedal.


Thanks to the trumpet-like hair extractor punch, the number of cuts, and therefore unusable grafts during surgery can be reduced to a minimum.


The thickness of the specially designed drill bits is a fraction of the thickness of Safe System’s drill bits, so by using the same drill size, the circular incisions after the extraction of the grafts are about 25% smaller. 

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