Why choose us?

The Hair Aesthetic Clinic HairHungary team consists of specialists in hair loss, hair care – doctors and assistants that got together during numerous trainings and surgeries.

Our mission is to continuously provide high-quality services to all of our patients.

With over 10 years of experience and the fact that our clinic’s devices and plastic surgical skills are outstanding in the region, we all know and apply each of the hair transplantation and hair Transplantation techniques thoroughly.

In Hungary, we are the first to apply several internationally successful innovations in hair transplantation which are key to the hairs’ proper adherence, growth rate and direction, in other words, to the perfect aesthetic result.

Members of our team participate several times a year in foreign and domestic trainings, study tours, congresses, and clinic visits.

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Hair plastic and aesthetic group

Our team of highly qualified specialists provides you with a personalized solution to all your hair problems with the latest advances in microsurgery. We have a permanent, interactive relationship with doctors and researchers representing the forefront of transplantation.

We are the first to apply the latest, thoroughly tested and successful innovations, methods, and state of the art tools on a European level.

We are well known internationally, and we regularly welcome foreign patients. We treat various causes of hair loss and baldness, paying special attention to those with hormonal problems.

The solution we use – such as hair transplantation, hair Transplantation, regenerative therapies – depends on the extent, mode, and nature of hair loss. 

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