Trivellini FUE hair transplantation

It is a method by Dr. Roberto Trivellini, which is a FUE based revolutionary tool in the field of hair transplantation. It combines the past few years’ technology with the latest breakthroughs of material input.

By the help of this device, our surgeons can easily and safely isolate hair-follicles depending on the skin layer, all this, by the bare minimum of consumed time. The results are showing in the extraction of undamaged grafts.

The Trivellini device’s functions can be set individually to every patient’s needs, which helps us personalise the extraction of your follicles. What is more, your skin is treated by the technology, which causes the fastest regeneration time in every case.

How does the Trivellini FUE differ from the Safe System?

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The Safe System, invented by Dr. James Harris, which we were the first to apply in Central-Europe, was deticated to replace the manual FUE process. Safe System is a device that helps the safe extraction of hair. It counted as a breakthorugh about 8-9 years ago, and we use it in our clinic ever since. It’s downside is that it can not be calibrated, and that we can extract the grafts in a relatively long time.

By the development, Dr. Roberto Trivellini took account and eliminated all the factors, which are counted as weaknesses of today’s FUE and the Safe System. After 7-8 years of continuous development and testing, he managed to create the Trivellini FUE. It is peerless in use, in the way of calibration and in decreasing the trauma caused to the extracted grafts.

In the Trivellini system, we can set the device fine to every single patient’s unique needs. This way we can increase the speed and precision, while also decreasing surgical trauma. Before-after gallery Donor area after hair transplants

  • GRAFT COUNTERThe device records every single graft extraction, so you can be sure that the right amount of hair will be extracted. Numbers don’t lie!
  • SMART REACT SYSTEMThe Smart React’s automatic function detects the drill the minute it touches the skin, and automatically starts the extraction, without the use of a pedal.
  • PROGRAMMING OPTIONThe device has a level of calibration, which allows us to manage the most optimal hair follicle extraction, in a short time, set to each of our patients’ needs, be it on the head, the beard area or any part of the body.
  • TRIVELLINI FLARED PUNCHThanks to the device’s trumpet-like extracting head, we can manage to minimize the amount of cut and thus useless grafts’ during surgeries.
  • THINNER AUGER BITSThe material thickness of auger bits’ are just a fraction, compared to the drills used by Safe System. This way the diameter of circular insections’ caused by the graft-extraction is approximately 40% smaller than by the use of the same drill size.

In the Trivellini FUE hair transplant system we can precisely set the device to each patient’s individual needs with great exactitude. This way we can increase the speed, the accuracy and while also minimising the caused surgical trauma.

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