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Hair transplantation - Hungary's first single-strand hair transplant clinic in Budapest.

World-class FUE methods and hair transplant results at the HairHungary Clinic.

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Rigenera Activa

Treatment of male pattern baldnessAbout the process

Our team

Our clinical team consists of professionals specializing in hair loss and hair treatmentTeam

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We provide our patients with access to exclusive therapies and surgical techniques that are revolutionary in the world. The already well-known I-PRF therapy has been incorporated into the surgical protocol, as its benefits are unquestionable in shortening the postoperative healing phase.Video gallery

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Tibor Nyilasi:
"Hair transplantation is not shame at all!"

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Why choose us?

  • Our clinic employs only the best professionals to consistently provide high quality services to all of our patients.
  • Our team members take part in foreign and domestic trainings, study trips, congresses and clinic visits several times a year.
  • We are the first in Hungary to apply several internationally successful innovations in hair transplantation, which are key to the proper adhesion, growth rate and direction of the hair. In short, to get the perfect aesthetic results.
  • We are known internationally, thanks to which we also regularly receive foreign patients. We treat various causes of hair loss and baldness, especially caused by hormonal problems.

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8 Questions to ask
while considering hair transplantation before entering the operating room

  1. How can I trust the hair transplant professionals with a clear conscience?
  2. Am I treated properly at the clinic?
  3. What happens if...?
  4. What do patients say?
  5. The doctor went to medical school, but can he plan aesthetically?
  6. What professional qualifications does the team have and how long have the team performed hair plastic surgeries?
  7. What are the clinic's references?
  8. Does the healthcare clinic have adequate security equipment?

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